The Village is OPEN every day from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm

in case of rain the village will be CLOSED

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Village Prices

An unforgettableadventure!




OPENING at 10.30 am 
PARKING - BAR - TICKET OFFICE - Playground & Village gnomi 

 LAST ADMISSION at 16.30 - CLOSING  at 18.00



ADULT or CHILD RATE €.10,00 midweek  -  €.11,00 holidays
(0-3 years old free admission upon presentation of a document)


Accessible/free only with Gnome Village Bracelet,
In the same round of arrival:

MORNING from 10.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.
AFTERNOON from 14.30 to 18.00
* Bracelet to be kept on for the entire stay: those who do not have one, in addition to a new purchase, will have to pay a surcharge.


DISABLED the route is accessible if you are self-sufficient: it is a mountain forest

SNACK BAR also outdoors with typical and genuine dishes, slices of pizza, sandwiches, sandwiches, homemade desserts
BAR TABLES RESERVED for visitors to the Village with a bracelet already worn

Medium easy route of about 1,500 meters and is suitable for all ages as long as they are in good health
DURATION depends on the pace, about 1 hour and a half

CHILDREN :  path that can also be traveled with a stroller (preferably mountain)
for rent
DOGS Welcome to a leash with cleaning kit
PIC NIC large area in front of and next to the Bar: no along the route 

Free and unsupervised PARKING (the property is not responsible for damage/theft of vehicles)
CAMPER at the moment, sorry it is not possible to park: work in progress...

INCASE OF RAIN, the entrance is suspended. 
The reopening will take place after a safety inspection: if you have already entered the park, tickets are non-refundable

Via Pöslen n. 40 Asiago (VI) - Tel. 334 8355680



    To access the park it is mandatory to wear appropriate mountain clothing and footwear.
    The Management declines all responsibility for physical or material damage, suffered by persons or things.

  • FREE 
    Disabled with certificate to be shown. Path not suitable for disabled people who are not self-sufficient.
    Children under the age of 3 with ID to show at the ticket office.                                                                               LAW ENFORCEMENT  -€1 TO THE OWNER AND HIS CLOSE FAMILY                                                                                    

  • RAIN

    Theentrance will be suspended. Reopening when possible, after inspection by the security control officers.
    Non-refundable tickets. 


    Unguarded parking, playground with inflatable slides, trampolines, air mountain, swings, rides, dollhouse, wifi, picnic area, toilet, changing table. Football field, wolley, life and educational path.       

To ensure the most scrupulous prevention, the Management reserves the right to suspend services that could jeopardize Safety.
We thank you for your cooperation in complying with the rules.

General Regulations of the Park

ART. 1 – The park is subject to a regulation that may limit access according to height, age, physical constitution and health conditions. Guests at the entrance must check the rules to be respected and comply with the instructions of the employees.
It is strongly recommended for prevention and safety, to wear appropriate mountain clothing and footwear.

ART. 2 - People with special needs, before entering the Park, must go to the "Ticket Office" to get more information and details from the staff.

ART. 3 - Underage guests can enter only and exclusively if accompanied by a responsible adult.

ART. 4 - It may occur that, due to maintenance needs or lack of electricity, one or more attractions may be unavailable for short or prolonged periods of time. In case of bad weather or rain, some attractions may be stopped for safety reasons. In all these cases there is NO refund of the ticket, partial or total, nor the validation of the same for another date. In case of emergency, follow the instructions given by the staff. Some areas of the Park may be subject to late opening.

ART. 5 - Each Guest must inquire before purchasing the ticket about any problems related to the influx or climatic / technical conditions that could limit the use of the attractions and the general use of the Park and services.

ART. 6 - The entrance ticket (bracelet), once purchased, can NOT in any case be refunded (art. 74 DPR 633/72) nor transferred to third parties and must be correctly worn on the right wrist and shown in case of control. The bracelet grants you the right to access all attractions except coin-operated ones.

ART. 7 - It is not allowed to enter with bicycles, skates, etc ...

ART. 8 – Anyone found inside the Park without the bracelet, will be required to pay the fee in full in addition to the payment of a surcharge .

ART. 9 - It is allowed to leave the Park and return on the same day by wearing correctly on the right wrist the bracelet delivered at the time of payment. In the absence of a worn bracelet, access is no longer allowed.

ART. 10 - Dogs are well received at the Park with cleaning kit and on a leash. They cannot go up to the attractions and access the restaurant. It is forbidden to leave them unattended or abandoned in the Park.

ART. 11 - Do not abandon unattended backpacks or bags: the surveillance staff has the task of removing them. It is advisable not to leave valuables inside them. The Park declines all responsibility in case of theft or loss.

ART. 12 - Smoking is not allowed along the access queues to the cash desks, in addition to places where expressly prohibited.

ART. 13 - Along the way, at the Village and its surroundings, the picnic is NOT allowed. Use the equipped area at the entrance of the Park. It is not allowed to step on flower beds or let us play children.

ART. 14 - It is not allowed to enter the Park, take advantage of the attractions, access the refreshment points bareback or in costume.

ART. 15 - The Company uses video surveillance systems for the sole purpose of guaranteeing security, safeguarding its assets and preventing illegal acts. The images are viewed only and exclusively by the personnel in charge, by the judicial or police authorities.

ART. 16 - The Company reserves the right to carry out, for safety and prevention reasons, checks or controls to prevent the introduction of objects or things considered dangerous or prohibited.

ART. 17 - In case of harassing behavior or failure to comply with one or more articles of this regulation, the person may be removed from the Park.

ART. 18 – For logistical reasons, access may be interrupted in advance of the closing time of the Park.

ART. 19 – By purchasing the Entrance Ticket to the Park you accept in full all the conditions of the aforementioned regulation.

ART. 20 – For logistical reasons and a better service it is not possible to access with a bracelet for access to the playground only.