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The Fairy Tale told on paper.

The Fairy Tale of the Village of Gnomes told through the articles.
Read them and enter our philosophy:dreaming does not cost and... It helps to live better!

Among charming woods and cute gnomes, pampered in a cozy super comfortable structure, children get lost in a world of fun and fairy tales, while adults relax among enchanting panoramic views and warm mountain environments, in an idyllic atmosphere, which leaves no room for tensions or negative thoughts.

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There is a magical place in Asiago, where fairy tales come true.
A place where your children (and not just them) will be enchanted.
The route, about 1 km, winds through an uncontaminated environment, between meadows and woods. Children will be able to see the houses, find out where they live and how they live. But the real peculiarity is the fact that we can interact with gnomes. The village, will open in the summer and is located in the woods adjacent to the Hotel Da Barba.

Thought... that gnomes lived only in children's fantastia: nothing could be more wrong! Under the curious gaze of the Gnomes, you can enjoy a delicious snack with typical dishes and gradually discover all the secrets... Romantic rooms with hydro shower accompanied by delicious herbal teas will give you... revitalizing dreams.

[...] A life path with a range of equipment for healthy outdoor exercises crosses the Enchanted Poslen Forest. It is right here, in an uncontaminated environment between alpine flowers and wild animals, lives a community of gnomes.


[...] In the Village of Gnomes near the Hotel da Barba, there are the real houses, but also the burrows, still inhabited. The place is worth a visit, in strict silence, so as not to scare off these incredible ancient creatures that live in harmony with the plants and animals of the forest.


[...] You can also write to gnomes, with a letter or message to be funneled into the magic box of the Gnome Mail. One of the gnomes' magical powers is the chance to grow up to come into the world of reality, and shrink at will, to return to the world of fantasy.


The current panorama of figures operating in the tourism sector bodes well for a common vision and a sharing of personal skills, peculiarities, opportunities, for the growth of our Plateau and for the future of our children.

The Plateau - Beppa Rigoni

[...] We then approached a cottage from where you could hear the sound of a saw. Evidently the cottage was inhabited! Our guide knocked on the door and... to my surprise I heard a little voice coming from within asking who was there.

Touring Junior - Piero Carlesi

"They are austere characters, about 15 to 25 cm tall. They live hundreds and hundreds of years. I met one, it was one evening, at dusk, because this is the gnome's favorite time for their secret outings: in a short time I befriended him." (cit. Alvise Basso)

Asiago - Mario Pavan

In the direction of Kaberlaba, after about 3 kilometers turn left, on a dirt road, uphill towards the Pöslen district. [...] An open space, almost a runway, for fantastic trips in memory, nature and fantasy.

The Plateau - Giovanni Rattini